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      how do i get myself into these things let me began my ex kicked me out at 3 months pregnant he told me he had gotten another woman pregnant hes threatning now to take my unborn child from me said i wouldnt be a good mom so i lied said i had a job its hard lookin for work when your 6months pregnant nobody wants to hire you ive been lookin so hard i found an apartment moved in and everyhing.You might wonder how that can be done with no money but i did it knowin my baby needs a home ive been on countless interviews after interviews still so scared o wont be a good mom especially after his family tells me im nt but after getting kicked out of your home its hard to bounce back ive also enrolled myself in school i take classes 2 times a week im almost finsihed with my bachelors degree i want and love this baby so much it almost hurts i lost a child last year through an ectopic well my ex found out i didnt have a job and hes threatning me and saying hes going to take my child from me.The stupid thng is i still care about him .How dumb is that?I might have to move back in with my mom until i can finish my degree and get a good job.I dont know what to do



        I am sorry that your boyfriend kicked you out and is putting you down. You are giving life to your child and don’t let anyone put you down or make you feel bad for your decision. I would talk to a crisis pregnancy center or birthright. They might be able to help with finances and maybe even help you find a job. You could see about medicaid and or WIC benefits. Good for you for focusing on your education. I’m proud of you. I’m glad to hear that your mom is being supportive. Don’t be ashamed to accept help when it is given or offered. It sounds like life is pretty hard right now. I wish I could make it better for you. Hang in there! Best wishes.



          All he is doing is playing games with you because he knows exactly how to push your buttons. Don’t let him. I went through an abusive relationship and the reason that I kept staying was because I still cared about him, but thats not always enough. You have a baby on the way you can’t put yourself in a situation with a jerk like that. It’s not good for you and its not good for your baby. Do what you need to do to be successful. If your mom is willing to help you, don’t turn her away. She is going to be a great resourse for you have have around, plus support. Hang in there and stay away from him, he doesn’t deserve you. And stop worrying if you are going to be a good mom, you will, it comes naturally.


            hi there sorry about what happen you are a strong woman i hope things work out for the better with you i wish you the best of luck you dont need that so called bf of yours he is a player big time.

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