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      I am only 14 and i m barely prego aprox. a mth… well my the babys daddy had propsed to me about 2mths ago (me n him in the pic) well he is in jail and is facing up to 12 yrs cuz of me the thing is he is 24 and my ma pressed charges so now he has court and 2 counts of indecent libirties w/ a minor 2 counts statutory rape and 2 counts of crimes against nature so yea needless to say i feel like shyt and then i m tryin to decide if i should keep this baby or not can i get help I RLLY NEED IT :unsure:


        Hey you… have alot going on right now..I am pregnant too, about a month…we are going to have our babies at the same time…you may not agree with me but your boyfriend really should have thought about how much he wanted to be with you before having sex with you…he is 10 years older than you…picture this…could you imagine having sex with a 4 year old boy right now??? I bet the mom would be really upset for you to do that with her 4 year old son, right??? Well you might be mature or more developed for your age but he is the one who was supposed to make the responsible choice, he knew he was breaking the law and if he really really loves you then he should have waited for you to be of legal age to engage in that kind of relationship…so, as hard as it is, try not to be too mad at your mom right now, she is just trying to protect you….my daughter is 5 and if I found out a 15 year old was doing things to her he probably would not live to go to jail…so try not to look at yourself as being at fault but rather he made the wrong choice because of his age being that much more than yours…ok… know what…right now you have a very special and precious gift inside your body…a baby…this baby was entrusted to you by God…He has allowed you to conceive, don’t throw this gift away….try to heal your relationship with your mom and ask her to help you with this baby…does she know??? if your mom refuses to let you raise this baby maybe there would be a family member or a close friend of the family that could adopt?? Have you heard about open adoption…it is where you would just let another family raise the baby and you would get to visit and have pictures so just know that you have options here…no matter what though…there is a baby in your womb and that baby doesn’t deserve to suffer for the wrong choices made, and you shouldn’t have to either…what your boyfriend did was not ok, even if you were of legal age to make the choice to sleep with him he should have respected your body and married you first, you should remember this for the future…next time you meet a guy you really like, prove his love for you by making him wait till marriage, that is the best way to find out how much he respects you, then you wont have to worry about pregnancy either, try your hardest to just stay healthy for this baby and focus on school and getting along with your mom, I don’t have my mom anymore, she did plenty of things in my life to make me mad and not trust her but what I would give to have just one more day with her, to hear her voice, to smell her, hear her laugh, see her smile….the issues between you right now are not too big to get over…can you forgive her?? can you give her another chance??? can you be the bigger person to just stop and say "I love you mom, can you help me with this baby and be my friend again" give her some time but make sure that you just do your part…ok…we are all here for you on Standupgirl, let us know what happens or if you need more advise…it will be a hard road but you can make it, I did…Love Meg


          my hubby is 9/10yrs older than me and i find nothing wrong with it. Having sex with a 4yr old wouldnt be reality. After a certain age i think it doesnt matter. If they are in love age shouldnt be a factor.


            if god has givin u this amazing gift i wouldnt just throw it away if your considering abortion plz reconsider their are so many pple that would love to adopt your baby.what ever choice you make their are so many on here that can help you through it i hope things get better gl on your preg .and if u ever want to talk im here:) -amy


              I agree that after a certain age that age difference is not a big issue but for the protection of our children that certain age should be legal adult age, if you are old enough to vote then you are old enough to make those types of choices but I am sorry to who ever disagrees with me that a 24 year old has no part in a sexual relationship with a 14 year old….what ever your country declares as a legal adult age whether it is 17 18 19 then I am fine with that but if I ever catch some 24 year old man prowling around for my 14 year old daughter (still 9 years away from that thank God) he has a big surprise waiting…JAIL…This baby is a gift, a very special one…regardless of the age difference and situation this baby has every right to life and as a mom I know that you can and will do very well…let us know what has happened…Love Meg

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