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      ok heres whats going on. i was pregnant but i had a miscarriage. i have learn to deal w/ it but i want a child when im 17 or 18. that in a year. am i crazy for wanting to be a teen mom? see my sister is a teen mom well she will be in october (i dont want to be one b/c of her i wanted o be one before i found out about her) and all of our family and friends are such a big help. they gave us everything that she will need for clothes to the crib and car seat and everything so i know that wouldnt be alone just yesterday my friends spent over $300 on baby stuff for her. so i know i wont be alone. but still am crazy? i have talked to the guy i love and he said that he would be excited abou it if we had a child in the net or so ying all the money ears. so idk what to do or think!?!?!?! im saving al the money i make so i know that i would have something…. idk… im so confused right now someone please help!!!! :unsure:


        It sounds like you will make a wonderful aunt for your sister’s new baby! My advice to you would be to spend time babysitting and taking care of your niece or nephew. The idealized version of a baby and an actual baby can be very different. This might change your mind on whether you want to have a baby in your life right now.

        As far as you wanting to have a baby it seems like a normal feeling, especially after your previous miscarriage. However I would wait before trying to get pregnant. I would make sure that there was a strong relationship with love and especially commitment before trying to have a baby. Would your boyfriend be willing to marry you? Do you love him enough that you would be willing to marry him?

        If the answers to these questions are yes, then I would wait until you both finish high school to get married and then start planning for a family together. If the answer to one or both of the questions is no, then I would wait to try to get pregnant until you find the right person and can have a child in a loving committed relationship.


      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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