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      Hello everyone am new here ,my name is shaymoy three months ago my boyfriend and i were coming from work we got a bit carried away and ended up having unprotected sex my period didn’t come on that month nor the months that followed untill now i haven’t had one .i have been so sleepy ,i go pee so offen i crave foods i dont even like in the morning its so hard for me to get out the bed because i feel so sick my boobs are so tender i have to sense of smell like a blood hound my coworkers and customers keep asking how far along i am am like what are u talking about they say aren’t you pregnant my face is fatter my boobs bigger my tummy is big and hard but no pointy navel but i didn’t with my daughter i did two pregnancy test and both were negative am realy confuse and this is not in my head because am 20 and i already have a 5 year old so i wasn’t hoping for any more children for now am confuse could i really be pregnant? Or is something seriously wrong with me?


        Hi Shaymoy-

        So glad you came to the site for some help. I would really like to encourage you to go to a local pregnancy center and have another pregnancy test done. Somethings is amiss if you have not had your period in so many months and you should really get it checked out. Please go see your OBGYN and have a check-up.

        To find a local pregnancy center you can go to and enter your city or zipcode. A list will come up with centers near you where you can get a FREE and CONFIDENTIAL test done and talk with the ladies there. They will be so helpful and can give you some advice.

        I hope this helps out! Keep me posted!

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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