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      i have missed 3 nearly 4 periods (due on the 12th) and have sore swollen boobs i feel sick and very dizzy all the time, i have went off most foods,and i have gained weight am i pregnant i took a hpt but it was negative but i have never missed 3 periods before ever am i pregnant? plz message as i am really confused


        maybe you should go to the doctor


          Honestly it sounds like your pregnant,, If it has been long enough for you to miss almost 4 periods it should be time to take a home pregnancyy test and it def should be accurate.If you have alreadyy takin one and it was negative i would go to the doctor.
          If you need to talk im here,, I hope everything works out for youu 🙂


            thanks im going to go to my doctors this week when im next off my work will let you know how i get on 🙂


              That dont sound normal unless ur on some type of birth control but ur best bet is to make a doctors appt and get seen

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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