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      I am having all of the symptoms of pregnancy, but instead of throwing up I feel nauseated…I am constantly hungry, I am easily aggitated (but with the aggitation thing that’s nothing new, it’s been worse lately). I am also urinating a lot, but I’m not constipated. My breasts are somewhat tender and I’ve been soooooo tired lately. I have also been having heartburn like pains. BUT I’M SOOO CONFUSED BECAUSE I HAVE NOT THROWN UP OR BEEN CONSTIPATED AT ALL…I AM ONLY A COUPLE DAYS LATE BUT THE THOUGHT OF PREGNANCY FREEKS ME OUT…. PLEEAAASE HELP!!!


        You may very well be pergnant. You don’t have to have all the symptoms, although you have quite a few. If you are a couple days late then you shoud take a hpt. Whatever the outcome of that go to the doctor to make sure. I know it is scary to think about being a mom. But dont stress about it too much. It really is a lot of fun. It’s hard work but so is everything else in life. Anyways let me know how everything turns out and if you need to talk im here. Take care.



          I agree with April, you need to take a test and find out. Avoiding the pregnancy test won’t chance the results nor will it make the situation go away. You need to take the test so you can work on you next plan of action. You maybe pregnant or not pregnant, either way you need to see a doctor because if you are not pregnant then something serious could be wrong. So take the test and see a doctor. We are all here to support you at this website so don’t be scared 🙂 With much Love,

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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