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      ohhk im kinda confused if i should let my babys daddy see her after all that has appened.
      some people say i should and some dont.
      do yew think i should let him see her or no?


        I’m not sure of all the details of your history with the baby’s daddy, but if you feel in your heart that you want your baby to know him, then it is probably the right thing to do. You would be following your heart. I think honestly, anytime a mother involves the father, married or not, in the life of his child, it will only produce good things. For the baby, she/he will have an opportunity to form a bond with daddy. For the father, experiencing the innocence of his child in his life will only have a good effect on him and he may begin to rethink the importance of life and his priorities.

        I will caution you though, if you feel that you or the baby are at risk of being in danger by offering the father a visit, then you should NOT arrange for one unless it can be supervised by your parents, or a court authority. (depending on your circumstances) Do not put your baby or yourself in a situation where you cannot get assistance should the visit go bad.

        I hope this has helped, but please let us know if there’s anything else we can do.

        Best wishes,


          i feel as if its the right thing bu then again i have a bad feeling bout it. i want her to know her dad but i dont know. its weird like yew know one shes gonna wonna know her dad and what not. but its confusing.

          but thanks.


            I would say yes you should let him see her. Providing he has no abusive past by that I mean physical. I think as much as some of us mom’s want to protect our kids from their fathers I think in doing so it will only drive them to want to know them in the future. In my case I tell both my daughter and her father they are welcome to call one another or see one another anytime and that they have to both want the relationship not me. Well it’s worked out neither of them care to be bothered with one another. In turn they both have made this choice and I can’t be the one to blame that I held her back from him. Best of luck. Jessica


              like hes abused me pretty much since we started dating. and i do want lilly to see her dad and what not its just more i dont want nothing bad to happen yew know what i mean i just that weird feeling bout it.

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