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      hey guys i’ve posted a post ebfore because i thought i might have been pregnant and befre i could buy a test i had my period. it was three days and i wasnt woried well that was middle of dec. its now january
      in the past week and a half my boobs have been hurting alot more than before a period. i was looking at them last night to see what was wrong and it was wet..i tried to see why and cloudy white stuff came out of me nipple..the area around it i believe the “aerola” isnt alot darker but its not the same color it always has bee

      ive had weird stomach pains that comes and go i know i should take a test but im not sure what to do
      ive been nauseated..had heartbun..backaches.

      any advice?:( 🙁


        Just take a test to be sure!


          i agree jus take a test it sounds like u are preg, that dtuff cummin outa ur boobs is colostrum which only preg women get n the nausea n othr aches are a clear indication too

          sophia roses mummy

            take a test to be sure!! good luke gabby xo


              I was informed that leaking colostrum is during the later months of pregnancy only and that what you’re experiencing could be an infection. You need to see a doctor!


                if you are having discharge from your nipples you should really go to a doctor. let us know when you find out what’s going on!

              Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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