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      i have wrote o9n this forum before..
      the last time i thought i was pregnant.
      i suppose that was about a month ago.
      well i’m back again,
      and yes i do again think i might be pregnant
      but i’m also kinda worried
      basically for the last week i have been feeling sick and faint on and off all day,
      a couple of days i woke up early hurs of the morning feeling sick and went to bed those night feeling sick as well,
      i have been having trouble sleepin for the last week,
      i always feel like i need to go to the loo, and when i go to the loo i don’t actually need to go, and then after i get almost the sort of sensation in y lower tummy/bladder that makes me feel like i need to pee straight away after,
      also the other day i felt sick all day long and it didn’t go away.. i went to town with my boyfriend and couldn’t eat anything as i felt s sick and i even felt like i was goin g to faint,
      i really don’t know what is wrong,
      me and my boyfriend have recently moved to weston-super-mare and havn’t signed up to th doctors yet as we need proof of address etc.
      there is a chance i could be pregnant..
      me and my boyfriend have been together nearly 2 months and even before we were together we were having unprotected sex, we have never used contraception..
      we are struggling with money at the moment as we have just moved, but we do both want a baby, and we know by the time the baby is born we will be financially stable
      i am absolutely terrified of going to the doctors as i have had bad experiences od doctors/hospitals because of stuff which has happened in my past and would rather get advice from you lot first before i face my fear of the doctors.
      sorry for the essay lol.
      i am just worried about the way i’ve been feeling and wondered if anyone has any ideas??
      i’d be really grateful for any replies.


        I wouldn’t really worry about it if I were you.
        It sounds like you are pregnant to me.
        I’m sure that you know that you should take a home pregnancy test when you are a week late for your period.
        But try not to worry, ok? 🙂


          Well you could be pregnant, but I know from personal experience that wanting to be pregnant can trick your mind into feeling symptoms. Or maybe you just become more aware of things that were always like that but you just never realized. I have always had random stomach pains for years from no cause but when i started thinking about pregnancy I started noticing more and psyched myself out. Also I pee alot.. like 10 times a day and usually once or twice in the middle of the night.. but i have always been like that. ofcourse i just psyched myself out cuz i started noticing it.

          on another note, it doesnt sound like you should be trying to get pregnant seeing as you and your boyfriend have only been together 2 months. maybe it feels like a long time but it is nothing and the chances are low of that kind of relationship lasting with a baby in the picture. I just think you should not kid yourself like so many girls do. anyways, good luck either way.


            I have nothing more to say than what she just said. 🙂 Keep yourself healthy and good luck with the results!


              i found out i was pregnant, i am now 8 weeks nearly 9 weeks gone and me and my boyfriend are stronger than ever.. i know the odds might be against us coz we have only been together just under 3 months now.. but we love each other and are determined for this to work.


                That’s awesome. I will say that it’s A LOT of stress, but it can definately be done! Good luck to you, your boyfriend, and baby!


                  Thank you for updating us.

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