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      Okay so here’s what’s going on:

      My period should’ve come like four days ago, and it came today but it was really light. But it’s really weird. These past like six days I’ve been feeling horrible. Like normally when I get my period I get kind of sick to my stomach and have some cramps, but this has been a thousand times worse. Intense cramping in my lower back, extreme nausea (I cant eat anything without getting sick), headaches, being really tired, and even having weird heat flashes (although that may also be due to the 90 degree weather). And it’s been like this for almost a week now.

      I’m feeling absolutely miserable. I know a lot of these symptoms are period symptoms, but these are waaay more intense than usual. They feel so different from the symptoms I normally get when I’m supposed to get my period.

      Is it possible for me to be pregnant? Did anyone else have symptoms like this and then find out that they were pregnant?


        So I am assuming you are having sex? Are you using any contraception? How long did this abnormal "period" last? I think that it would make since to take a home pregnancy test. I usually buy the two pack because even though it says you can test right when you miss a period, sometimes the hormones aren’t strong enough yet so I re-test a few days later. Let us know how it goes.


          Hey I’m going through the exact same thing right at the moment. I don’t know how much this helps but for me when I took my test it was too soon because my doctor believes the symptoms are accurate but it was too soon to tell. Sometimes it takes even as long as a month before you know for sure on your own or with certain home pregnancy tests. So what I’m doing is waiting until my period is here (if it comes) and seeing if it’s different than normal. I suggest talking to your doctor and getting an official lab test. It’s one of the best ways to know for sure, and you know there won’t be any mistakes as well so that’s my two cents. I hope it helps! ^_^ good luck!


            you really should take a test n see a doc so you can explain to them your sit., so if you are or are not preg they can help you fig out what else could be going wrong or not wrong., good luck

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