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      i really need some advice! i dont no if im pregnant or not!ive done a couple of tests but were all nagative,my chest is so sore,which i only usually get when its that time of the month but im not due until next wk,and its never this sore,i thought i was getting them last wk but it was very light and stopped after only 2 days,its usually heavy and lasts 4 five days!i had an ectopic pregnancy last yr and im so afraid its happening again!


        i dont know what it could be but your best bet is to see a doctor


          I agree, seeing a doctor is the best way to know the test is done right. your doctor will know what’s best for you. I know how you feel I’ve had similar symptoms lately, I hope all goes well for you! ^_^ good luck!


            well i agree with foolish x3 you need to see the doc cause for many people home tests dont work the doc can give you an exam as wella s blood work so see a doc asap goodluck

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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