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      Hi guys. Am not sure why but since the last 4-5 days I feel as if my breasts are very tender (meaning they are soft to touch). I have had firm breasts all my life. I am married, 31 years of age and we are trying for a baby. My last period was on the 8th of March. Could anyone tell me whether this is something to worry about or is it ok? Could I be pregnant?


        It could mean that your are just having PMS or it could be that you are pregnant. I am guessing that you are not expecting your period for another 6-7 days? If it doesn’t come on that first day, you should take a test. Those tests that tell you earlier are nice too but every pregnancy is different and the hormones show at different times, so I think it’s best not to waste a test and just wait for the first day of your expected period. I hope you get the results you want 🙂


          My boobs got really sore about 5 days after conception. They hurt so bad I couldn’t even lay on my side. Also, a very thick bright blue vein showed up that went across my chest, along with smaller ones I hadn’t seen before. Wait until you miss a period, then take a test. If you have a light period or a late one, take a test anyway. Good luck! 🙂

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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