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      ok so a couple months ago i thought i was pregnant since my periods were not normal and i was gettin really bad headaches (which i never get) , so i took a test but it was negative….now this month i am 5 days late….any advice?


        take another test


          Sorry to be blunt but you want advice. QUIT HAVING SEX. you wont need anymore tests. It really is the only way to guarantee no babies 🙂 Please wait untill your married it took me a long time to finally do that. after 10 years of being sexually active and 2 kids later I said NO MORE heatache , unplanned pregnancies, risks of diseases,feeling used, etc.etc.etc. I stayed abstenant for 3 1/2 years untill my wedding night. You can do it!!!! I know you can 🙂


            So it seems you want to be pregnant…..
            Just take another test and cross your fingers.
            Ignore the advice from below… Some people have to go through alot and having a baby young is always hard but all of us aren’t or havent had the same lives and others so generalizations are unwarranted.


              I would take another test an see what happens. . . If this comes out negative agen then they may be late jus because ur worring about coming on or thinking about it. . . Good luck an i hope the outcome is what u want xxxx:)

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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