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      Hi im karlie and im 18 years of age. Ive just started university. A week ago i found out i was pregnant. im 9 week now and i have a doctors appointment today, to tell her that I want an abortion. Im not sure that im doing the right thing, although my bf and everything is else telling me to, it just dont seem right, my heart is telling me something else. im quite upset and not sure what to do. My boyfriend deffo wants me to have it done. I feel asif i have no choice.:dry:


        girl you have every choice you are 18 and its your body dont do nothing you dont want to do and as for your bf if he loved you he would understandim seventeen and 20 weeks preg my dad wanted me to have an abortion when i was 7 weeks i just stuck by my guns youve got to be strong and say no this isnt what i want i no its easer to say it rather than go put it into practice just be strong im here if you want to talk xx steph


          My boyfriend took me through hell and back trying to get me to have an abortion, he even tried to give me one himself. I had to move change my last name, my friends, my phone numbers EVERYTHING. Because he wasnt going to kill MY child so that he could go on his merry way. My friends co-workers all told me to abort. The doctors suspected my daughter to have a high probability of being special needs and reccommended me to abort, and after; I gave birth to a perfectly healthy little girl. i had to fight tooth and nail all the way for that baby and my God is she worth it. Don’t let him take this gift away from you. Its YOURS. And if you deny it the pain and the memory will haunt you.

          Mother is God in the eyes of a child and just remeber theres a lot of girls here who have been through what your going through right now and we are here to help you get through this time. We are a resource for advice and support….use us for what we’re here for….eachother



            never do this for someone else. i have been through it and your life will never be the same. the pain you will feel is the worst you will ever feel and to heal from it never completely happens.
            please have your baby no matter what anyone says, they dont have to live with it, you do and you will never forgive yourself. your baby is a life with feelings and a brain and heart. please dont get rid of her. she is precious and given to you for a reason. go with your heart, it will never steer you wrong.
            i am praying for you!

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