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      [color=#000080]Hello , Im really new to this , and would love some help from you guys.

      I am so confused , Ok im just gonna jump straight into the deep end ,

      My last period started on the 17th of august , i have not had a period since then, I have taken 3 tests and they have all come out negitive , I have also been to my doctors as i am really worried, but all she said was all you can do is keep testing as much as you can . I have really sore nipples and feel really funny twitches in my tummy nothing to bad but i can feel it, Would you feel it this early if i am pregnant, ?

      Please please help me i really need some advice .


      Em xxx :unsure: [/color]

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        were you on BC before this?….and i would also get a blood test done, to see if it would show up in there. Best of luck to you!


          No have not been on BC for about 6 months. I think i might have to go to doctors again and ask for blood test . Thanks .


            Did your doctor do a blood test? That is the only way that you can be 110% sure that you are pregnant. Also you wouldnt feel twitches until you were at least 4 months pregnant. Unless you are extremely thin, then you may feel something at 3 months, But it is not common to feel any kind of fetal movement until you are at least 4-5 months pregnant.

            Go back to your doctor and request a blood test.
            Good Luck



              You very well could be. YOu dont necessarily feel it kicking that early but you definitly know theres something in your belly. It does feel different. So idk. Go to the OBGYN and get bloodwork. Thats the only way to be 100% sure. When i had a scare last year b4 i actually got pregnant, i got bloodwork b/c my OBGYN told me sometimes the hormone levels are too low for a pee test to calculate, but still high enough to be prego


                I havent been to the doctors yet , but will soon , thanks so much for your advise , i will let you all know what happens. i hope i am !!!! :kiss:


                  I can’t wait to hear if you are or not… Hope all goes as you plan! Congrats!


                    I have booked an appointment with doctor tomorrow , so hopefully will find out soon .


                      I have been to the doctors , and had a blood sample taken , She advised me that because iv been on the pill for such a long time it might be that case 99% that i havent ovulated yet , this can take up to 6 months , she said that she really doesnt think im pregnant , we will find out on thursday.


                        I’m sorry this has nothing to do with ur reply. I need help on how to post, i’m goin to post new reply i type in the info go to submit, but it tells me it has to go through the moderator and it says sumit just by it. Can you help. Thank you so much.


                          I hope you are okay, I’m thinking about you. Hope to see you here with some good news (whichever news is good for you!)

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