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      Hi i’m 17 years old (18 in 2 months) me and my boyfriend have been together a year this month and have had un- protected sex. Its almost the end of the month and i havent had my period, im worried im pregnant, But at the same time im hopfull as id love to be a mother some day, i can wait but i wont do anything to stop the pregnany if it ever happened too soon.
      I feel sick almost all day especially after meals in the evening, and in the morning. My breasts seem larger (according to my boyfriend) and my nipples are more sensitive than usual but not darker. I havent been vomitting. I think i may be pregnant but hinestly im scared to take a test as im afraid its positive, i dont want to upset my boyfriend as none of are ready to be parents….yet! We have talked about this a few days ago and he said hed want a abortion!! But im against abortions id never be able to do it!

      What do you think? Thanks for reading and giving any advice

      🙂 Laura


        may god bring you a mind of peace the only one can help you is god trust me ii was 16 when i have my baby and god was the only one who help me through


          youre late, but how late? its best to take a test a few days after youre late. i know youre afraid to but do you really want to wait in anticipation if by chance your period isnt coming? good luck! i hope the result is what you want!


            My period is about 4 weeks late possibly more. :unsure:


              I think that you should just get a test and see. I respect the fact that you arent gonna get an abortion if you r prego. I know what it feels like to have people wanting you to abort the child. believe me lol I’m almost 6 months pregnant and my boobs grew almost two cup sizes and my nipples arent that much darker. Theyre just freakin huge now. ew lol so they dont necessarily have to get darker. I’m gonna be 17 next month so i know how it feels to be young n have to deal with this. I hope it works out! let me know if you need anything. Ooh, and you have to tell me what the outcome is lol


                oOoOo… wow thats a looong time! take a test. whether you are scared or not it is definately time to take one babe! because if you are pregnant then youre not taking your prenatals and you need to see a doctor AS SOON as you find out (if you are). best of wishes! we’ll be here for you if you need anything!

                Miss Boop

                  That’s great that you’re staying true to what you believe in. You could be having these signs because you’re worried about being pregnant, it doesn’t neccessarily mean that you are. If you’re afraid for the test to read positive and how your boyfrien is going to react then continue to be as strong as you are and face both the possible pregnancy and your boyfriend with your head held high. I know you’ll make the right decisions as a parent you’re already strong-willed. If you are then do as much research as you can to be as prepared as you can. And congrates!!! I hope all goes well!! If he is thinking abortion then show him that it’s really okay to be a young parent it just requires a lot of patience, a lot of persistance, and for both of you to be prepared. It’s going to be hard but what isn’t hard, ya know?!?! If you want to wait it out then that’s fine to I waited a month on my 2nd pregnacy. But don’t let others dictate what you want. If you aren’t then wait a little and respect his timeline so that you know when he’s ready to be a parent…and make sure you want him to be the father since you two have very diffeent views. What the outcome may be I pray that the consequence(s) will all be good.
                  ~*~SOON-TO-BE MOMMY OF A BEAUTIFUL BABY BOY!!!~*~

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