condom baby??? are these signs??

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      hey everyone i was hoping u cud help me, ok im 18 and seeing some guy, about 2 weeks ago (day 11 of my cycle) we had sex and used a condom but im not sure if this split or not. Anyway, about 5 days later i experienced severe bloating that ive never felt before in my lower stomach almost tender and sore. it hasnt gone away and the bloating is still here. last night i kept feeling the need 2 drink water and go to the loo about 6 times in 2hours. this is not like me at all, my period is due on friday and i dont want to wait till then to know if i COULD POSSIBLY be pregnant because im so anxious im not getting any sleep, i do want to be pregnant but im worried me getting stressed out like this will harm the baby, any ideas??

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