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      Hi, i was browsing the web for info on pregnancy symptoms and ran across this site. I dont know a lot about pregnancy and everyones experiences are different … so i just wanted to know if anyone reading this can tell me what they think.
      I am 22 and in college right now.. I am engeged to be married in may of 2006. My fiance and i are not using any type of protection except the withdrawl method. I know this probably sounds uneducated but i cant tell whos fluid is whos and i think he accidentally ejaculated inside me one night. Ever sense then I have been feeling really different. I read all the symptoms on the page and have been experiencing them lately. I have been very nauseated , VERY VERY tired. i cant go a day without napping. I have been missing class the last week because i have no energy and have been very dizzy and sick to my stomach.
      I have been very dissappointed in myself because i have no energy to complete a task. I dont like this feeling of lethargy. I have been urinating a lot ,but have been drinking tea which could be the cause, seeing that it is a dietretic. My most recent symptom is heartburn. I have been sort of irritable and very emotional. My breast are sort of tender not horribly bad.
      The only things i havent experienced are constipation and i have had my period, although it was short. for approxiamately a month i have been feeling like this. The night before i started my last period i decided i was going to take a test if it didnt come, the next day i started. That cycle wasnt as heavy or as long as normal and my pre menstral symptoms differed from the regular.I am not sure what to do… i am irregular and wouldnt know for sure how late i am so i cant use that as a deciding factor.
      Please tell me what you think, i am starting to worry…. I have a wedding to plan and a family who is a very firm advocate for absentance. What should i do?


        Hey Girl,
        My advice to you would be to go get an early pregnancy test and do it. You’ll just keep worrying about it otherwise. At least you’ll be fairly certain one way or the other this way. BTW, I’ve read that the withdrawal method is a good way to have children every two years, are you already working against the odds?

        Good Luck and Take Care,


          You should probably go see a doctor just to make sure. I would start using some type of method other than the current one you are using. It does not always work. My daughter was using the same method and I will be a Grandma in 4 months. 🙂 While I am very excited about that I will tell you if you are not ready please take precautions.


            It is possible to get pregnant using the withdrawal method, even if he didn’t ejaculate inside you, because pre-ejaculate contains sperm. The symptoms you are describing do sound like the symptoms I experienced in early pregnancy. However if you had a light period and are typically irregular, then perhaps you are not pregnant. I would take a pregnancy test to find out for sure. If you are not wanting to get pregnant, then I would consider holding off on sex until after the wedding or using another form of birth control.



              if i were you i would take a pregnancy test asap. Good luck and all the best


                Hey girl,

                I’m in your same boat just about! But you know what, just one drop of his sperm, has like a million little swimmers in it! be careful, you might be pregnant, but as for not being able to tell who’s is who’s liquids, just so you know I had the same problem, but you know what we create the same milky looking stuff as what comes from our men, so it’s sometimes hard to tell whats what, but his stuff should be like elastic. I too would wait for my period, and wait…and wait… then when i finally couldn’t wait any longer i took a pregnancy test and it was negative and i got my period the next day, I was SOOOO stressed out that I was pregnant that I postponed my own period, if you keep stressing about getting pregnant you could make yourself irregular like i did. But now I know that I am pregnant this time… Don’t let yourself get caught up not using protection. Please be careful, I should have learned the first time I didn’t get pregnant and stressed myself into believing I might have been. Good Luck Chereh,

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