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      Alright so I know this site is meant for teens, but I need someones opinion. I am 20 years old living on my own and working to save up money to go back to college. My boyfriend is in Iraq and should be home in August. We decided that we wouldnt be exclusive while he was gone because we hadn’t been together very long. But he said he wanted to be exclusive when he got home and since he has been over there he has asked if i would move with him and live off base with him where ever he is stationed when he comes back. I had told him i would. But last month a mutual friend of ours was home on leave and I had unprotected sex with him. i was on the pill so I didnt worry about it. Especially since it was 3 days b4 I would be on "my reminder pills" I normally get my period the first day of the "reminder pills" but i didnt get it at all. so i didnt start up my next months pills figuring my period would start up. It has only been 3 weeks since i had sex, but i am just wondering could i be pregnant? I know that really wasn’t a "prime time" for conception and that the pill is supposed to prevent you from ovulating. i really hadn’t been worrying about it until the could be daddy asked me if I had gotten my period yet (he is a little worried to say the least) I told him no but it was probably just stress. but then i was talking with my boyfriend the other day and telling him how i just felt crappy and was telling him how i felt. (he is a medic and loves diagnosing things) He interupted me half way thru and said "if i didnt know better i’d say you were pregnant" I have had cramping which is odd cause i dont normally get it until the day after my period starts. i did have a light spotty period about two weeks ago give or take, but it was only 2 days so I guess it could have been implantation bleeding. my nipples are tender and more erect than normal. i am nausous (sp?) and certain foods have this kind of metalic taste. I am a casual drinker and I thought i was going to vomit when i took a sip of my drink. i get lightheaded now, but i attribute that to low blood sugar because i dont eat much since i am nausous. I am nrmally very active and the past 5 days or so i havent had any energy. also i feel like my temp is higher than normal. it has been cooler outside lately and i am still warm. i havent yet built up the courage to take a home pregnancy test as i am hoping i am not because i dont want to mess things up with my bf and the could be daddy said if i am he wants me to get an abortionbecause hes not ready to be a daddy… nice reasoning on his part huh. lemme know what ya think… can i attribute this to stress? i had the symptoms b4 i even thought pregnancy was possible so i dont think i am making myself think i am… i am just confused… lemme know what you think. i need all the advise i can get!


        you should take a test so you an know what is going on, afdter that you csn make decisions


          i think ur boyfriend’s right. u might be pregnant, but the only way to know for sure is to take the test. and if u are don’t let the guy u had sex with persure u into getting and abortion b/c he’s not ready to be a father.he should have thought about that b4 he didn’t use protection. n*e* way, just take the test, i think u are, but i’m no doctor, so wat do i know. 🙂


            It sounds like you are pregnant. Those were my first symptoms as well. I am 17 years old, 18 this coming November. I am in my first month of pregnancy, going on the second. My mother is refusing to let me visit my doctor and she is hoping that my body will eventually eject the baby. My boyfriend recognised the symptoms before I did, but I think that was becuase he’d been through a pregnancy before (long story). My advice would be to take a pregnancy test. That’s how I found out I was pregnant, I didn’t think I was, but I bought a pack of 2 so I could prove my boyfriend wrong and they both came out positive. I was in such denial that I ended up taking 4 tests before I actually realized that I am pregnant. Best of wishes to you. Take care. You will get through this, I promise. Keep your head up and be strong. :kiss:

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