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      Hi there , please help if you can!

      My friend has had very irregular periods for the last few months from when she had gone on Diane35 , she found out in the beginning of April 2007 that she was pregnant , it was a complete shock as she didnt have her periods regularly so she wasnt concerned. It turns out her Doctor did a scan yesterday and said that everything was fine with the baby and then told her the baby was much bigger than it should be. He then said he would to a test for Down Syndrome , I think she is further along than 17 weeks , to me she is more like 25 weeks pregnant . There is no history of down syndrome in both their families and she is only 24 years old. I think that the doctor has no idea how far she is!

      Shame she is very upset and worried has anyone experienced the same thing and do you think she should go for a second opinion?:(


        Even if they do an amniocentesis, I believe it only tells you if there is a neural tube defect, not what type. So, tell your friend that getting a positive test result is not 100% accurate. When my son was in NICU, a lady was told her daughter would have Down’s and she was born with no health problems whatsoever. Also, the size of the baby could be due to her having undiagnosed diabetes, or as you said, she could be further along since her periods are irregular. Should they really believe her baby has Down’s or some similar syndrome, your friend will need lots of emotional support, which you seem to be giving her, but she should also prepare herself by talking to other parents of children with Down’s, doctors, and others who can help her. She can read up and even get some counseling. All babies are blessings and she will love her baby regardless, I’m sure. Pray they are wrong, but be prepared for any sort of reaction from your friend initially since everyone is different and of course it’s a traumatic thing for a young mom especially. A second opinion never hurts either, so I’d recommend that.


          I think youre right- the dr probably isnt sure but i dont think she should get amnio to test. It has a pretty high false positive and poses a small danger to baby. After that they can do more testing if it is positive and so there is more worry, often for nothing. Just tell her to keep an eye on the ultrasounds. Even with measurements they cant even be sure how big a baby is, esp if shes polyhydramnious. They said my daughter would be 9 1/2 and she was 7 4. Shes most likely just farther along than they thought.


            i’d tell her to get a second opinion on how far she is…BUT they do those tests any ways, even if the doc is confussed about how far she is…thats just a standard test…i’m barely 18 and 38wks 5days preg with my first and when they did that test on me it came back that my baby had a slightly higher risk for downs…and we’ve done two very indepth/intesnse ultrasounds and the only thing that was off a little was the baby was retaining a little fluid in his kidneys…so just tell ur friend to keep calm and not to worry about the testing, it’s normal…..

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