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      Okay. So, I slept with my boyfriend 7/21/06. My last NORMAL period was 7/18/06. After that I got my period two weeks early which would be around 8/8/06, although it was light and only 2 days. I haven’t had another period since but it’s only 8/28/06. I have some symptoms like, fatigue, naseous, eating more, etc. I haven’t even dreamed of telling my parent until I’m sure. Also, I’m not going to take a pregnancy test for about another week or so. So, do ya’ll think that I’m pregnant?

      P.S. I’d really LOVE to hear your advice. So please reply.


        You could be pregnant. The bleeding that you had for a couple of days could have been implantation bleeding. Go ahead and take a test, I suggest a First Response test, they show up the earliest. Good luck, and God bless.


          well i believe that it could have been implantation bleeding. you should really take a test or go to a walk in clinic.

          did you have sex with your boyfriend before or after you "real period"?

          you may not be pregnant, and the symptoms could all be just in your head!!!!

          but take the test

          hope it works out for you.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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