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      I’ve been on birth control for two months and I’ve recently decided to come off it. I know you’re supposed to wait until you reach the end of the packet but I had already forgotten to take two of the pills so I thought ‘where is the harm in stopping now?’ so that is exactly what I am doing. The thing is this: I haven’t experienced the ‘withdrawal bleed’ yet. Every other time I decided to come off of the pill, I got one within three days. Well, this is day four/five and nada. Nothing. That being said, tonight I’ve been feeling like I’m getting a period so you never know!
      But my question is this: is not having a withdrawal bleed normal? If I don’t get one should I go purchase a pregnancy test/see a doctor?


        I would contact your gynecologist with questions as well as avoid sexual contact as to prevent pregnancy…. Also you can contact and they will give you the contact info for the closest Pregnancy Help Center near you where you can get connected with someone who may better know how to explain the whole breakthrough bleeding thing! <3 Meg!


          Heey! I just got off the BC pill probably about 3-4 months ago. I didn’t get the withdrawal bleed I think until in between (about) day 5-9 (sorry bad memory lol)! I know I didn’t get it as soon as day 3 or 4 though! If it doesn’t come before your next period, when is that?
          Then I would purchase a pregnancy test. If not, I would just wait until your period and if that isn’t normal maybe just talk to your doctor, just in case!
          Good luck! (:

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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