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      Hi ladies how ru all? Im not a member but thought id drop in for a chat! I’m pregnant (dont ask how far along we r coz i haven’t quite established that yet lol) but i dont feel pregnant at all! My bodies always felt ‘different’. The only new things ive felt that my body hasnt ever felt is minor heartburn, tingling in one of my breasts – mostly one that is and a big increase in vaginal discharge oh and once or twice i’ve strted to eat something delicious and felt sick and had to throw my delicious treat in the rubbish boo! I’m always getting minor cramping in my stomach now and bachache seems to be a regular thing – always in the morning (time for a new bed lol!) I have been geting the worst headaches and just noticed someone posted about pregnancy and gas?? Ok so i lied…just realised maybe ive had more symptoms than i thought! But i still don’t feel pregnant and dont understand why, any advice? I keep asking different boards and no one seems to want to chat with me 🙁 Karen 😛



        I have to admit that I was surprised that in the first trimester I didn’t really "feel pregnant". Sure I experienced lots of pregnancy symptoms and morning sickness, but I felt more sick then "pregnant". I was happy (and a little nervous) about being pregnant and having a baby. I thought I would have some sort of emotional or physical difference about having a growing baby inside of me. I thought it would feel like there are two of us, instead of just me. To be honest I really didn’t feel "pregnant" in a was that I could sense the presence of another person. That’s not to say that I don’t recognize a growing fetus as a human being, because I do, but… My experience was just different than I thought it would be. I’ve had other women tell me that these feelings are normal.

        Now that I am at the end of the second trimester I am beginning to have more of a sense of being pregnant. Seeing the baby for ultrasounds and feeling little movements gives more of a sense that this is real and that there is actually a person in there. Hope this helps.



          Hi Karen
          I’m 6 wk pregnant and just feeling the nausea today

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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