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      so i have been a member of this site for like a year and a half cuz i had an abortion when i was 18 and came to this site for comfort..

      anyways i have been on the pill for a year and occasionally miss a few but always take them when i realize it. well today i am supposed to be starting my period. thing is.. i had really bad cramps all night last night non stop.. and normally when that happens i wake up bleeding. but today nothing. a little brownish but no period. it just seems kind of unusual. i have been having terrible cramping but still not bleeding. its weirding me out. i guess i could take a test by now but i think ill wait until tomorrow to see if it ever starts. it always starts on a monday though b.c of the pill. also i have been very nauseaus and dizzy all morning but i think its b.c i had chicken fries for breakfast with two midol pills. anyways just venting cuz im a tiny bit worried.

      ps.. same thing happened first time i was pregnant.. had terrible cramps in the night but no bleeding ever happened. the cramps arent quite as bad this time though.

      pss.. thank GOD for midol.


        day 2: still no period! wtf?


          hey babe…
          i think, more you are going to thing about your period, more the stress can put her away…
          that happened to me also…but then when i was 4days late i stopped thinkin about and bum, there she was…
          but if there is a pretty good chance that u are pregnant,go and buy a test…don’t worry 2much, whatever it’s going to happen, u can deal with it…
          just belive..

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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