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      Whats every1s opinion on circumcision?? Is it a good idea or not???


        i dont really get what you mean by, ‘is it a good idea’? could you explain abit better please? luv xbethx


          absolutly 100% for circumcision. my son was circumcised and cant imagine him not being. the drs told me that uncircumcised boys r more proned to infections and cancers that affect that area. so i would say absolutly do it.


            Well I know that the bible tells us to circumsise our sons on the 8th day and "coincidentally" 8 days after birth your blood naturally thickens. Well nowadays they give babys a Vitamin K shot to thicken their blood so many people have their sons cirumsised right after birth or while they are still in the hospital. I dont think the timing is the big issue but I know that biblically circumsision represents a cutting away of the "flesh" and in the life of a Christian flesh represents things of this world and or things that cause us to sin or pull us away from God. Now for those out there who do not believe in the bible there are still good reasons for circumsision. My nephew was not circumsised and as a baby he ended up with infections once in a while because the extra skin was a trap for bacteria and I think that is unhealthy for a child. I have also heard that men who are not circumsised are more prone to STD’s and stuff like that for the same reason. I had my son circumsised for biblical and health isuues and it healed up really quick. TIP if you have your son circumsised put him in a really big diaper for a few days. I did that because when you put vaseline on there to keep him from sticking to the diaper (ouch for him) their pee does not absorb. So with a bigger diaper there is moe room to absorb 🙂 I hope this helped….God Bless…Meg


              I dont believe it is necessary. It is beneficial in some circumstances, like if you like as a nomad out in the desert, and sand etc is more likely to cause infection. Nowdays it is done mostly for religious reasons i believe. Whatever the reason, its entirely up to you, but make sure you find info on for and against as with any medical procedure. Nobody jump down my throat – my opinion was asked and i mean no offence to anybody!


                Okay now something from someone who’s gone through it. 🙂

                C’mon, ladies, this is the only real thing that guys go through that’s a bit painful. You gals go through your periods every month and there’s pregnancy.

                At this point, the health reason is a compelling one. Some doctors suggest it while others dismiss it. The infections come if the glans (the penis head) being inside foreskin all the time is not properly cleaned. If you decide not to go for circumcision, you have to remember to pull back the foreskin during bath time so that the penis head gets cleaned.

                Some doctors also prefer that the operation be done after the child has aged a bit. This may be a few years before or after ten years old. This may be a good idea as there were some cases (few) wherein a circumcision done during the boy’s first few months had to be redone. Don’t know how that happens but that’s what I heard. Some boys really see it as a rite of passage of being a man that’s why some cultures have it done at the outset of puberty. It’s not only something interesting to go through but at least, at the teeny-weeny least, a boy can get an idea of how it is to have pain right down there.

                Take care.



        ’s is a good idea…it keeps the penis clean from infection that can becaused from even a slight build up of dirt under the foreskin…also if any man who is not circumcised who joins the army has to get cirsumcised because the army doesn’t want them to get an infection…..


                    Circumcision is something im plannin on doing to my son, well first of all its cleaner and hes less likely to get an infection and plus it looks alot better, if I were you I would defenitly consider it!!!


                      I talked about circumsision with my doctor (for my son not me of course lol) and he said it’s not neccassery. He said that it’s quite a mix of who is circumsized and who isn’t, circumsision isn’t as popular as it once was, not so much popular but just not considered necassery. I choose not to get Odin circumsized because I want to leave the decision up to him for when he is older. If he wants it he can get it, if he doesn’t then we have nothing to worry about. 🙂


                        I agree with Kylie.
                        I don’t think its necessary but that my own opinion. I’ve heard from ppl that say watching a baby getting it done is hard to see especially your baby going through pain.
                        I think if i boy is taught how to clean himself properly then things should be fine. Hubby and my son isnt done and all good so far.


                          I don’t see the need. I haven’t circumsized my son, I don’t see why he would have to go through unnecessary pain, I think if he grows up and wants to chop off his foreskin, that’s his choice, so I think he can choose for himself.
                          Personally, if he cleans it properly, I don’t see the need for circumsicion. I don’t think body parts are given by God for no particular reason at all.


                            i actually got my son done cuz of cleanliness…so i am for it..i really dont care if ne one else is or isnt but that’s me…


                              I dont really see the point, as long as boys are taught to clean themselves correctly, there isnt a real need for it. When they get old enough they can decide if they want it done for themselves. There is also another side to it too, I have a mixture of friends who are circumsized and uncircumsized (I know this through various strange convosations), and some of the guys who are circumsized claim that they dont find sexual intercourse as pleasurable as the uncircumsized guys. I dont know if that was just the people ive spoken to, or if its fairly common, but its something to consider for your son’s futures….


                                I did a little searching on the net about this too, and found this artical, It has the historic aspect, the medical reasons, and an account of the actual procedure. it may be worth a read?


                                  I am totally against it because my baby boy almost died from his circ. He almost bleed to death and had to have emergency surgery the same day so he would stop bleeding. The doctor cut off all of his skin on the shaft of his penis. He now has to have more surgeries the next one is in June… Please dont circ your baby boys… its not needed and there is a risk… this could happen to your baby


                                    girl i think that was a one in a million case (brookie wookie) i think you should do it because it IS cleaner….sweat secretion, dirt etc WILL get trapped and kept there and as reaklly young children lil boys don’t allways do it perfectly right, my fiance is circumcised and it alot better cleaner and less smelly then some of the horror stories i’ve heard…cheese people cheese …doesn’t form when there’s nothing for it to form in…euugh!


                                      Is circumcision another of those medical procedures that are just a step too far? I know it is a requirement for the Jewish people isn’t it? Why would God require something like this?


                                        i saw those pictures and read most of it. I cant stand to see my babys have needles and in pain and no mother should like to see their baby in pain.
                                        When i was told that my boy had a tongue tie and they could cut it straight away or i could go to the doctors i said pain relief nothing, using surgical scissors "oh it wont hurt" they said..BULLCRAP! You pinch that little piece of skin under your tongue and tell me if it doesn’t hurt. They must have thought i was stupid. Turns out he is fine enough anyway

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