Childhood Diabetes???

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      Hey there, I was hoping for some prayers for my daughter…she had an appointment with her doctor yesterday to get shots and I mentioned her bed wetting problem and asked for encouragement on how to help her stop….he sent us to the lab to get a urinalysis on her just to see if it would reveal anything in her urine that would cause the bed wetting….I got a call back this afternoon from the doctors office and they want me to bring her in tomorrow morning for lab work after a 12 hour fast because she had a high volume of sugar in her urine…that is all they said but I googled sugar in urine test and it popped up with all of these diabetes signs…it says that when the kidneys are damaged from diabetes that it causes the glucose sugars to spill over into the bladder, she has a few of the other symptoms and it runs heavy in my family on both sides…I guess I am just kind of freaked out and I have to go the whole weekend waiting to find out the results of the tests and I am very impatient…I don’t know enough about diabetes to know what to feed her or not to feed her and I am just paranoid of messing up…please pray for my family as we wait to find out the next step…Love Meg


        Diabetes runs in my family. I’ll pray for you. Maybe its just a fluke. But if not I’m sure you can handle….you’ve already had a should be able to handle this. Good Luck!


          I just wanted to come on and give an update… I got a call from the doctor and the test came back normal..they have no idea why she had such a high volume of sugar in her urine but there doesn’t seem to be any obvious sign of diabetes…thank you so much for all who prayed for my daughter…I am so thankful to have a community of moms that understand when these things come up…Love Meg


            Glad to hear she is ok. Thanks for the update.

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