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      im debating on whether i should give birth naturally or get the epidural.
      i want to give birth naturally because i would be able to walk around during labor, but i want the epidural because of the pain, but then you have the side effects and the numbness could cause pushing to be harder.
      my mom told me once the head is out, the burning stops. she gave birth naturally 4 times.

      what do you think?


        go natural its better for u and the baby. and birth doesnt hurt as bad as they make it seem

        MrS. B3rRy



            Hey I gave birth with no epidural. I just got phenegran and sadiol in my IV I don’t remember anything except when my water broke, and then pushing a little later. Labor and delivery was the easy part for me!


              I had 2 natural births with a bit of gas and air at the end. It was very painfulsome of the time but I am glad I did it.


                Natural is best, I did with my son.
                It hurts at the time, but then it’s all over — think of the benefits!
                Good luck!::)


                  hun.. honestly i dont think you can make that decision until you go into labour. I would ‘try’ to not have anything but if you feel the pain is too much to deal with then have the epidural. Ive experienced both and have to say natural was the best.
                  I had epidural first and could feel nothing, couldnt walk to hold her- i tried and fell flat on the floor and blood went everywhere, i felt like such an idiot for even trying to walk.
                  Jordan was born at home so no time for anything as i did it all myself mainly with hubby of course but the pain wasnt as bad as i thought, and here iam now too scared to have my belly button repierced LMAO!!!!


                    u should do it naturally but do a water birth. the water will make things much less painful and u can still walk around!


                      i had to get an epi (i was in labor a total of 30 hrs b4 i had my son) half way through i was so tired i needed sleep but couldnt cuz my contractions were so strong and close, the epi helped them slow down and not be so hard cuz they were actually NOT helping me progress…so the epi helped me pregress and sleep….


                        Whatever you want. How a woman feels the pain varies. Its different for everyone. If you want the epidural coz the pain is too much, have it. I was going to have one despite not wanting one earlier (missed out coz i dilated too quick). I wouldnt have been able to walk around in labour if my life had depended on it so that wasnt a factor for me.


                          I guess its better if u have ur baby naturally, but I would be get an epidural!! im a coward to pain to im def. gonna get an epidural 😛


                            Hey, before I had my daughter so many people made me feel bad for wanting an epidural. I got it and im 100% for it. I honestly dont know why anyone wouldnt want it. I went through labor as long as i could, then i got it when the pain got to a point i couldnt handle it, i got the epidural. It didnt hurt at all, and it didnt effect pushing. I didnt feel ANY contractions after that, but i DID get the feeling when i needed to push. They also let me try different positions to push, so ur not limited to beig on your back and using sturups. You can walk around before you get it. Every labor and birth is different, and everyone has different pain tollerence. If you are at all nervous or scared, i would definetly say get the epidural. As soon as i had her, they took it out, and i could walk around when i got back to my room, so there were not any negative side effects. Anyways thats my opinion, good luck! Its the most amazing experience in the world!


                              I was in labor a total of 94 hours i didnt want an epidural and i didnt get it until i was told by the doctor i had to or they would give me a c-section because i would be to tired to push i got it after i was in labor for 92 hours and it ended up not working so i had the baby naturally pretty much and got a big @$$ needle in my back for no reason. I was in labor so long because they were trying to hold it off because my son was 6 weeks early.


                                It would be wonderful for you to go naturally but make sure youre realistic about it. Make sure you handle normal pain well. I interned in labor and delivery before i gave birth and learned a lot. I watched several women make it through to a good point without medicine and then need it and it be too late. As for not being able to push with one or it being harder after meds its really not as long as you know what muscles you are using- do your kegels (spelled wrong im sure!) and know that your pushing out like you go to the bathroom.

                                Ive heared that going nartural is empowering and i have tremendous respect for those who do but its easier to recover after medicine. I walked around as soon as they cut off the meds.

                                I had an epidural and loved it. Its actually not bad for you or the baby and consider that the baby is coming into such a different place with temperature shock and everything- they wont mind being a little drugged haha. good luck!

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