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      Hey Gurls! I’m 16 years old and am now 8 months pregnant and due in August. The babys father is not involved he said he was going to be and then at 5 months told me he "wasnt ready" and it wasnt "his" BULL!I know he knows deep down and its killing him inside! I was like ahah okay buddy we’ll c about that. I just had a few questions about child support and if they will be able to locate the father for he lives far away and moved and failed to give me his new number, so basically he’s hiding from me wat an ass! I live in Ontario, Canada so if anyone has any inofrmation it would be greatly appreciated!I am so depressed and stressed out over this whole situation Im so worried they wont be able to find him and Ill be struggling while hes havign a good life,which isnt fair so anyone anyone who wants to offer me advice or help please do! Wish me Luck Ladies I cant wait for my little girl to be here regardless if that jerk-off is gonna be here or not Im gunna be an awesome mom! I cannot wait be strong girls memebr therz always sum1 out there that will love you and be there for you!!! Thanks, C.B. :unsure:

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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