can you take mucinex while pregnant?

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      I don’t even know if I am pregnant yet, but if I am, I don’t want to risk taking Mucinex, or anything for that matter.

      The flu and a stomach virus is going around. My mom has the flu and I think I have caught it from her. The only thing that is wrong right now is that I am very congested and have a runny nose. Mucinex is supposed to get rid of the mucus in your chest but I wasn’t sure if I should take it or not.

      I don’t know if I am pregnant, as I clearly stated. I will have to wait until I miss a period to find that out but if I am, I don’t want to risk taking anything.

      Believe me, I’m downing chicken noodle soup by the gallon as if my life depends on it.

      so can I take it or no?


        i just looked it up for you and some girl said her dr knew she was preg and still gave it to her being on the safe list but another said let your dr know if you might be preg or are preg.


          I dont know what is in Mucinex, but i do know taking cold and flu tablets is a no-no in pregnancy. Go to the chemist/pharmacy and ask. They will know what is safe and what’s not.


            I am not sure on that one. I think there is a place on the site where you can send medical questions to Dr. Marie . I am going to say that I do not think it would be safe to use if you think you are pregnant due to the fact that it thins mucus and might have an effect on your cervical mucus (specifically the mucus plug that develops when you are pregnant) and that may cause miscarriage. But I am not sure.

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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