can u get pregnant from missing pills??

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      [b] Ive been on the pill for about a year and about a week and a half ago i went out of town and forgot my pills i was on my last week i only missed two of them. but i was with my fiance and we had unprotected sex and have been since then. ive been feel pains in my lower stomatch and feel sick and ive been crying alot for no reason or feeling sad. i just wanted to know if i can be pregnant. i usually start to spot when i havent taken my pill for 2 days but i havent spotted yet. please help!! :blush:


        Usually if you miss two pills and you contniue to take them after you missed them you should be fine. If you miss 3 or more then you should start to worry. Birth control pills are horomones. When you interupt your horomones like that (by forgetting to take them for a couple days) it is normal to have mood swings. You can always call and ask your doctor if you have any questions like that. they can explain it alot better than i can.


          I dont know alot about pregnancy so i cant tell you if you are or not only a test will tell you for sure.but i do know that if you miss a pill your chances of pregnancy are risky thats why most docters tell you after missing a few pills and start taking them agien try not to have sex or use condoms for atleast 7 days after you start taking them agien.I might be wrong so dont qoute me on that.well take care and best of luck

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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