can they take my baby?

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      My baby’s paternal grandmother has started talking to me about her family adopting my baby. I plan on raising him myself. Is there any way that she or my baby’s dad’s family can take my baby away from me when he is born? I don’t have any problems, and I have heard that courts favor the mother…I don’t want to have to go through a big custody battle. I don’t want them to take my baby boy from me….how do I protect myself and my child?


        Do NOT talk to his family anymore about them wanting to ‘adopt’ your child. I wouldn’t want them to try and use anything against you if they attempt in the future. You and your baby’s father have paternal rights. You’ll be the one taking care of your babelet it would seem, and possession is 9/10th of the law. Just be very apprehensive of their motives. Tell his family it is not up for discussion. Don’t be scared dollface.


          They are trying to bully you – don’t let them – and yes -stop talking to them.

          The baby’s father can legally set up joint custondy or visitation – and he can try to win custody – but it won’t happen if you are a safe & decent mom. Yes – the courts wil leave you with the baby.

          They cannot TAKE the baby away fro myou. Make sure you stay out of ANY trouble.

          Unfortunately – you will have to deal with these people for the rest of your lives because they will be your child’s family and grandparents. Maybe they will be good ones – but you have to tell them that tey have to respect YOU as the mom. Hopefully you all can work this out so this child has a wonderful extended family and support system. You need the grown up here and work on that for the sake of yur baby (no matter how distateful it may seem now).

          I just hope that those lurking around talking about tricking their boyfriends or intentionally trying to get pg at ridiculously young ages read all of these posts and see the problems that can and usually pop up. Unintentional pregnancies are one thing but to create this type of strife in a child’s life is unforgivable. (NOT YOU – I’m speaking to those who may need to see this!)

          Don’t worry honey – they can’t just "adopt" your baby away from you.


            she is very right. just be nice to them. let them talk the bad. court will look at that. i was going to take the paternal dad to court too until i found out he wasnt the real dad. do everything you can to make yourself look better. if your still in school-get awsome grades. go to parenting classes, pick up more hours at work and start saving money. show you want this baby!!! You are carrying this child, they cant just take it away without a reason, give the court a reason for it to stay with you! Good luck to you and your little boy.


              hey girl dont let them push you around. this is your baby. and the fathers and you are the one who is going through 9 months of carring and who knows how many hours of labor. show it off. and be proud. just by this i can tell that you will be a great mother. keep it up and fight to the death for that baby. no one can take your baby if you are taking good care of it!!!


                mothers are favoured in any sensible country!!!please do stop talking to them…you have all the choices to win.Even in my country, drugaddicts and sick mothers are the only ones entitled to have all the paternal rights…its sad but true.

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