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      Hi I am a 19 year old teenager who mite be pregnant……..can someone plzzz help me?

      My Story!!
      I am a 19 year old teenager who is sexually active, the last time me and my boyfriend had sex we did not use protection….my last full period was on may 9 and it overed on may 13 i have a 32 day cycle……because i live in a small town i can not just walk into the local pharmacy store and get a pregnancy test because by the time i come out half the town will be talking about it…..i am scared to death….plzzz help…..on june 19 i saw my period but it wasnt normally… was heavy but it was light usually it is be heavy and dark….also sometimes during these three days it lasted it was off and on…..i am experiencing no signs or symptons….i just feel tired lately but thats it…..could i be pregnant…..if anybody know plzzz help me….i am scared….and dont know what to do plzzz help plzz


      Scared and Alone

      HELP ME!


        hey hun i’m so sorry to hear that your scared i know what it was like the first time i was pregnant i was scared to death. by what ur saying u may be pregnant well thats what it sounds like but the only positive way to be sure is if u go and get a pregnancy test and if you can’t get one in your town see if you can get out of there for a day and go somewhere else to get one. i also have to ask have u been under ne stress or nething like that? because sometimes these things happen when your under alot of stress. i wish you the best of luck and if you do turn out to be pregnant don’t stress because thats what this site is here for to help you out. goodluck hun

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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