Can Pre cum get you pregnant?

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      I’ve read a lot of articles, and some say different things…some say pre cum contains sperm some say it dont and some say a little. So i was wondering if anyone has gotten pregnant from pre cum? or like the pull out method? cuz ive been using the pull out method and im scared of getting pregnant.


        You absolutely can get pregnant using the pull out method. "Pre-cum" does contain some sperm, and you have no way of knowing if your man has a high concentration of sperm in his…


          yes it can….I havent personally but a girl I know did..or at leat she said she did…but you can get pregnant by it….be careful….


            if your having sex, and he dosnt come it dosnt matter.. you had sex.. and it leaves you open to concive… pre cum can have sperm in it, .. ITS ALMOST ALWAYS POSSIABLE.


              i used the pull out method for 6 months didnt get pregnant. then my bf and me stopped using that, and after a year of not using anything i got preg.. but i know, pre-cum has more sperm then the whole ejactulation together..


                ok…so pre cum does contain some sperm, and it only takes one to get you preg…


                  I kno 4 sure u can….im pregnant now frm precum….he pulled out but im still pregnant….so best thing i can say…..use a condom…


                    Yes, you can get pregnant from pre-cum, but a condom is NOT the answer. There is no such thing as safe sex. If you don’t want to be pregnant, don’t have sex. Safe sex is the great lie. You can still get pregnant and you can get sexually transmitted diseases even if you use a condom.

                    A couple minutes of pleasure, do not equal a life time of regret. It is not worth the risk.


                      Yep you sure can

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