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      Im lisa,im sixteen, and have been with my boyfriend for a year now. I was supposed to start my period on the nineteenth but on the seventeenth i started spotting brown stuff. I spotted for like a week, and took a pregnancy test that turned out positive. i went to the doctor and theirs was negative. Ive taken two other tests and they were both positive, but none are very dark. All three of those were EPT. I took a first response one today and it was negative. So, idk. Im pregnant though right, or can the three tests be false? Ive been peeing every two hours, and have been having headaches everyday around 12 o clock. and ive gained weight. but im not sick or anything other than that. Idk.


        It is extremely unlikely to have a false positive, but it can happen. It does kind of sound like you are pregnant, but I guess the only thing you can do is wait until your next period is due, and if it doesn’t show up go and get a blood test done.
        Let us know how everything works out!


          Hmmm… it’s unusual to have a false negative at the doctor’s office, but it’s still possible. Three false positives are HIGHLY unlikely… but you’re just going to have to wait it out until your next period is due. I hate to tell you this… but some women have extremely early miscarriages, and the HPTs can still come out positive from the remaining HCG levels. 40 percent of pregnancies end is miscarriages, and 20 percent of those are before you even know you’re pregnant. But you can never be sure.

          Don’t stress. Talk anytime. Good luck!


            I think you should just go back to the Doctor and get a blood test. Best of luck. Jessica


              having a miscarriage is something i am extremely worried about. I had one in february and one in may. YOud think i would know how to stop getting pregnant, but the first time i was on birth control, the second time i was so depressed about losing my first baby i wanted to get pregnant,(stupid, i know) and this time i used condoms. I was supposed to start my birth control when i started my period last month. ha.. All my tests were light, but obviously positive. I didnt cramp at all, which i always do, and ive cramped so bad i couldnt walk both times ive lost my babies. So, i know that hasnt happened yet. i am being very very careful right now. i was going to go to the health department friday but i whimped out. im afraid theyre going to tell my theirs is negative again and then ill feel really stupid. I think im just going to keep taking tests for another week. i need to know asap though so i can start taking prenatal vitamins and junk. Thank you for your help! : )


                well, i wasnt very demanding at my doctors office. I just switched to her, and she was like, i sure hope you arent pregnant, and stuff like that, which made me feel like crap. So, i didnt ask for a blood test or anything. I really do need to call her, but im really nervous. I really do think i am. My stomach muscles are feeling funny and im hungry all the time, and my boobs hurt if i touch them, and i am extra emotional, and i dont like some of my favorite foods anymore. i dont know whats going on.! And plus ive had three obviously positive home tests. The last one i took was the darkest. They are all kind of light, but still obvious. I need to take a blood test, but i hate being made feel like im stupid, if you know what i mean. Sigh. I guess i will call my doc tomorrow. Thank you so much for your help


                  Don’t let anyone make you feel stupid because your not. You should call your Doctors office and just go. Don’t look over your shoulder and wonder what people are saying because it doesn’t matter. You have every right to be in the office if you think you are pregnant and you are being responsible for going. If your Doctor is disrespectful, switch Doctors. She makes the same money off of your visits and pregnancy tests as she does with a women that is 30 and pregnant. Best of luck. Jessica


                    K guys. I have a doctors appointment on the sixteenth. Which seems forever away. But if i am i guess i wont get any less pregnant. lol Thank you so very much for your help!


                      I hope that the appointment goes well. Please keep us updated, ok?! 🙂


                        I’d go to the doctors office and get blood tests run. Even though it is not common for a test to be a false positive. Don’t let your doctor pressure you into not getting blood test work because SHE might look down on you. Hun, if you think you’re pregnant, go get a blood test. And if your doctor won’t do it, try to go to the hospital or someplace, if you have insurance, they’ll do it. Best of luck hon! Let us know how it all goes.


                          So, im keeping you VERY updated. lol I took another test today and it was positive again. I know normally they are more accurate if you take them in the morning because you have more of the pregnancy hormone in you urine and stuff, but mine have come out darker when i take them in the afternoon. I guess im just really really weird. That would be my luck. lol Im very impatient. I have to be protective and motherly just in case, and im getting used to the idea of being pregnant, so if im not its going to feel like ive lost a baby all over again. I dont know how ill be able to handle it. Just in case, does anyone know of any good ways to deal with it? If that even made sense


                            I think you should try not to think about it. You don’t want to convince yourself you are pregnant and then if your not be devastated. Sit back and relax if you are pregnant you will deal with it and if your not you will be when the time comes. I wish you the best of luck. Jessica


                              With all the positives with the HPTs there is a really low chance you are not pregnant. So if you can’t get in to see the doctor sooner, go ahead and go to a grocery store or walmart or drug store and get over the counter prenatals. That way you are already taking them. Then when you go see your dr. save all your positives and show them to her. GOOD LUCK HUN. keep us updated.


                                To jessica.. Not thinking about it is easier said than done.. I try not to, but i went to the fair and started to get on a ride, but then i was like wait, this could be dangerous. So, i had to think about it the whole night because i couldnt do anything. And my moms pregnant which reminds me everyday. And ive already had two miscarriages, so i am soo very paranoid. I have to assume i am so i can protect it with the best of my capability. I didnt do that with my other two babies and i feel like a horrible mother for it. I am very stressed out right now because i dont know exactly how i should feel. My first babys due date is the 18th, so i am already going to be an emotional wreck, and if i find out im not pregnant two days before that its going to be soo hard. Ugh…..


                                  Wow, haha. It really sounds like you are. I asked my doctor and he said that it was highly unlikeley to have that many false positives. If you had a couple negatives and a couple positives then that would be something to question.

                                  Good luck. 🙂


                                    To Autumn. Thank you for asking your doctor.. : D I have taken 4 EPT prego tests and they were all positive. I took two First response tests and they were both negative.. According to the due date calculator thing i would only be 5 weeks pregnant. And i guess there could be a difference in hormones at different parts of the day… so maybe the other brand cant detect it yet or something. i dunno..


                                      I forgot that i have been getting headaches, and then having hot flashes and getting dizzy at about 12 30 everyday. I dont know if thats significant in anyway, but i just thought that id put it out there. lol


                                        to autumn again (lol) I have an appointment on the sixteenth. its the earliest they could get me in… ugh.


                                          To anyone who wants to know: My doc appointment was at 8 15 on fall break. I over slept. I know, very irresponsible. I am supposed to start my period on friday but yesterday a little bit of brown stuff came out again. Like barely a little bigger than a pin point, and then the same thing happened again today. I still dont know whats going on. I took another test a few days ago and it was negative. As times passes arent they supposed to get darker? I know i havent had a miscarriage because i know what those are like. Maybe my body just sucks


                                            Just relax! Firstly, it could hurt the baby. Secondly, you could just be stressing your body out and it could be forcing a false pregnancy.


                                              Hey guys! My tests just got lighter. Never darker. There is still MAYBE a line, but a very very faint one. I spotted for five days a little bit and then i started bleeding sunday. I still am, just a little and no cramping. So maybe my hormones are just freakin out and its my period? I dont know. Advice or suggestions?


                                                dont think that much about being pregnant! its hard specially cause your mother is but lok, you had bleedings..think about it like a period… why did you do do mn pregnancy test? it seem like you are kind of convinceing yourelf that you are pregnant…ok it happens to have s unprotected-in your case condom-did u see that it had breked? like i see here this… it can bejust your mind playing tricks, i know how it looks. it was the same by me. my belly was funny, i have had headaches,crampin, also made 2 tests who had a faint line..
                                                but hey,then had bledings, not the usual, but for 3 days, but it was my period…so girl please dot think that muc about the pregnancy..think about school and that ou finish it,soo that you will be able to take care for the baby when the time is right..

                                                but it can be that im false, and you are pregnant,… but like u said it wasnt really responsale to wait soloong for the appt and the over sleep it.. ou should scheoulde anotherone, just in case.


                                                  Nope, that’s pretty weird! Let us know when you find out what’s going on, ok?


                                                    Sounds about right. There’s a lot of possible things, and I’m going to be completely honest with you. It could just be stress, it more than likely is just that- stress plus the hormones. However, half of all miscarriages occur before you even know you’re pregnant and you go on to have a “normal period”. It may be weird not to really know what’s going on with your body… but I’m sure you’re relieved either way.

                                                    Take care of yourself. 🙂

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