can i get pregnant still?

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      hi,My name is Daniella and im 18 years old.
      Well for 2 years now ive always been thinking im pregnant then i do a test and im not.
      Anyway, a few months back i was feelin really sick and tired so i went to the docs.i had an ultrasound and was told i have a cyst on my ovary but very small and harmless.
      then i got a second opinion and was told there is no cyst and that i have irritable bowel syndrome.
      This is why i always thought i was pregnant because i was always bloated.
      What i want to know is if i can still get pregnant with ibs, and if it interfears with things?
      Ive been tested back 6months ago and i am fertile so is my partner but i never seem to get pregnant.
      im really confused,my partner and i want to have a child but its not happening 🙁
      sorry about beng so long i just need to get it all out and dont have anyone i feel i can talk to about this.


        heya, i have irritable bowl syndrome and so does my mum and also my mum has a cyst on her ovary but she has had 5 children, the doctors cant get rid of it because it only shows up when shes pregnant. if my mum has had 5 children and she has got both of these i think that you will be able to. just keep trying, it will happen.i no this sounds weird but try not to try to get pregnant because the more you try the more you get upset when it doesnt happen so jst let nature take its cause and let me no what happens. love beth


          if there is 2 opinions then id get a third just to be sure. I was told i had kidney problems and then another dr said no i didnt.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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