CaN I Be PrEgO?

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      hi im 18 years old and new to this i jus need some advise answers my last period was the 27th of jan 2010 and and now 3-1-10 and still no period i had sex a few days before and a day before my period and also the day before and every since on. it was off cuz i thought i was off and now i been feelin bloted sick head ach back ach very emotioal and irrated and tired my boobs hurt but not too much also lite headed dizzy naues and my bf dnt like how i been wit him when he want to get off the phone wit me i jus say his gonna go be wit another girl and jus not my self lately i havent told him wats goin on and so his kinda stressted to be wit me or not cuz he jus thinks that how im and not gonna stop and i dnt wanna lose him SOOO PLAZ HELP ME THANKS


        hey yeah they sound like the symptoms but you should take a test before you get yourself to worried. then go from there


          thanks imma go take one


            cool good luck letus know how it goes?


              well i went and took one it was neg she said to wait another week and my sister also told me when she was prego she took a test and it was neg the 2 weeks later she took another one and it was pos and she was already 5 week could that happen to me to


                Yes it could it depends on your hormone level tho.


                  yeah thats probly a good idea to take one in a week or two.


                    take a test., 😉


                      You should take a test to confirm it

                    Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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