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      ok my period usually lasts 5 days and would start on the 3rd or 5th of the month starting in october this year it changed to be the 8th of the month, i have not had sex but have been fingered which i have heard u can become pregnant off of.i am not on any form of birth control. i had been gaining weight, i cant remember if i gained weight before or after being fingered however i eat cafeteria food everyday so that may be why. now in november my period was on the 10th and it was short and lighter than normal. i have gained 10 pounds now. I also am a serious athlete and exercise everyday. Now in december i still havent had my period and it is now the 12th. Im only 16 so its hard to get a pregnency test and i dont have much money to spend.

      what is the likliness i could be pregnant


        You are not pregnant… and that is a complete myth. Gaining weight, especially that much weight, won’t start until the second trimester in all likelihood. The only way to get pregnant is by having sex. Your period is delayed because you are stressing yourself out, so RELAX! 🙂


          Hi, you can’t get pregnant from being fingered. It is impossible. There has to be cum or pre cum containing sperm to get you pregnant and there are other reasons for the lack of period like too much excerise or not eating properly. Hope i helped.


            I am not familiar with the term “fingered”, so I’ll just ask… Is it possible that some of his sperm might have gotten inside you? Or were just hands involved?
            It is possible that you are pregnant.
            I understand that it is hard to get a pregnancy test, but wouldn’t your school nurse have one?
            Keep us updated, ok?

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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