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    Amber E

      Ok so in June i thought that i was pregnant because i’ve had cramping, not like my period was coming it was different so i took a test but i figured it was to early to tell and it came back negative, so i waited 2 weeks and took another one and that came back negative as well. I did get my period the following day but still have had all the signs, espically crampy ness and this has been for the past 2 months, i had my period in July as well, but i’ve gained like 8-10 pounds in the past 2 months, is there chance that i am pregnant? I took another test tonight and it still said negative.HELP!



        i’m not an expert on these kind of things, but i can tell you that i just had a nephew born on august 1st and his mom (my sister in law) didnt even know she was pregnant until around march or april because she had her period all the way until february even though she had been pregnant since october.

        Can i suggest going to your local clinic and having them do a blood test?

        I also know that my brother in law’s mom never got a positive result from a pregnancy test during her whole pregnancy..but now my brother in law is here.

        Just something to think about,


          Sometimes you may never get a positive result on the test. If you are really sure that you’re pregnant, get to a doctor ASAP. They can give you a sure fire result to your questioning, plus if you are, it isn’t good for you or the baby’s health.

          Good luck. 🙂


            I agree with all the other girls. Go to your doctor and get a test done. Good luck!


            Amber E

              Well i took another test today and its still negative, im going to the doctor tomorrow, i’ll keep you posted.


                how can i be pregnant if i dident have my pirod

                bethanna its a girlnina

                  you can b preagant i was


                    ok you NEED NEED to see a doctor because you could pregnant or it could be something else dont mean to scare you but some people have thought they were pregnant with a negative test and it turned out to be cancer or even polytheistic ovarian syndrome which fits the missing period the cramps especially and the weight gain, i had the same thing and was tested for all the above and it turned out to be nothing so hopefully thats the case with you, goodluck. and go to a dr.

                  Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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