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      I wasn’t sure where to put this and I’m sure you guys are getting sick of me worrying about getting pregnant, but I’m kind of concerned. See, two weeks ago I was on antibiotics for bronchitis. I didn’t know that whole week that antibiotics can alter the effects of birth control. Needless to say my boyfriend and I didn’t use protection. I took the antibiotics for a week and then I got my period. Now what I’m wondering if it’s possible that I could have gotten pregnant while taking the antibiotics and then gotten my normal period. I know it’s highly unlikely, but I want to know if there’s still a chance. I’m wondering because all day long I’ve been sick to my stomach and I’ve been emotional and I cried all of my fourth hour class. Please help me out. Thanks in advance.


        i dont think you could be luv… but maybe take a test jus to make sure (if you are scared) it should be accurate by now


          Anything is possible but it does not sound likely. I spotted while I was pregnant both times for the first two months but it was not a normal period. I would say take a test but there is no missed period. But I guess give it a try and see what happens. Best of Luck. Jessica 🙂


            hmm doesnt sound like pregnancy, esp if it was ur normal period n not light bleedin or spottin … mayb jus a flctuation of hormones is causin u 2 behave this way….dont worry, im sure its nothin, if it would make u feel beta y dont u visit ur doc…
            take care


              It doesn’t sound likely… but yeah, take a test to be sure! Don’t stress about it. That’ll make your period delay.


                I’m with everyone who’s replied. I don’t think it’s likely. Sperm is only supposed to live for a day or so. If you are really worried, take a Home Pregnancy Test. If you’re still concerned afterwards, I see that you have two choices, dear. Go to the doctor, and hit the big guns with a blood test, or wait until next month, and if your period doesn’t show up, wait a week and grab another HPT test.

                Good luck! Keep us posted!!!

              Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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