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      hi just wondering if anyone can help, im 16 and have been taking the pill for 22months, i had to stop for the beginning of my next pill cycle because i left it a my dads house, i didnt miss load but i quite worried because i still had unprotected sex with my boyfriend, i sarted the pill again and have 3 days left of it till my preiod. can you still get symptoms even before your period, because i am always needing to go to the toilet i keep feeling sick i have small stomach aches and my breasts are sore. is this a sign?
      please help if you can.

      luv hannah


        Hiya, well in my personal experiance, I have never been sick but the sore breasts started about 5 weeks in, where I went from a b to a c. But when I was expecting my period I would still have sore breasts. The bathroom thing I go alot more often now that I am pregnant. I would do yourself a favor and use protection nothing and I mean nothing is a hundred percent effective and trust me you won;t be nervous every month if your a day or two late if your double protecting yourself, also the pill does not protect you from STD’s. You might want to read about your pills because even if you miss one day it will increase your chance of getting pregnant. Good Luck,


          I don’t know it takes a lot to make up for one pill but you should wait at least until the day your suppose to start your period to take a home pregnancy test

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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