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      Hi I dont know if anyone can help with this but I really dont know where else to ask. I came across this site when I found out I was pregnant with my second child and was really scared and unsure. I had my first daughter at 19 and was in a 5 year relationship with Andrew her father but once she was born I came to realise that we had drifted apart and he really wasnt father material and slipped into depression. After about a year I met Shane and he made my life seem better for awhile til i came to realise he was the exact oposite to Andrew and not really a guy I wanted to live my life with so I broke it off and 4 months later I found out I was pregnant my mother spat the dummy, not as bad as the first time I told her I was pregnant but she still said some hurtfull things and really upset me.
      With both pregnancies I continued to have my period until about 4 months along and never really showed any of the normal symptoms aside from my breasts getting a little bigger but hardly noticable. My partner of 2 years broke up with me 2 1/2 months ago and now I havent had a period for 3 months, my breasts are sore, i’m going to the toilet more often and I have put some weight on my stomach. I’ve taken 6 different pregnancy tests and they all came out negative but I am just getting the I am pregnant feeling again and I am really scared to go to the doctors because I live in a small country town where everyone talks and I know everyone already thinks I am a s**t. I’m just wondering if it would be possible to be pregnant and the HPT not pick it up or if I am just going nuts. Sorry for the length but i’m just so confused and scared right now my fingers are typeing a million miles a minute.


        yes it is possible for you to be pregnant because some people carry low pregnancy hormones (HCG) that dont pick up on pregnancy tests. Either way you should got to the doctor to make sure everythings ok because let people say what they want. You know what you do and don’t do so don’t let what people say bother you!!


          I am rather confused myself. The HCP should be showing up by now. Maybe you are pregnant now, and before you had irregular periods. I’m not sure. If you aren’t pregnant, then there could be something else wrong. I really think you should go to the doctor. And if people talk, let them talk. It’s really none of their business. It’s yours and your baby’s. People who gossip are usually the ones trying to feel better about the sins that they’ve commited.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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