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      [b]Being pregnant with my son was easy. I didn’t barely have any bad or unusal symptoms.

      Lately ive been feeling weird. Maybe its just my brain playing a trick on me, im hoping thats it and that im not pregnant.

      I looked online for weird pregnancy symptoms and i had alot of them. I cannot fall asleep until like 5 in the morning And then by the time i fall asleep i have to get up in a couple hours for my son. I’ve been so emotional, i cry about everything. My breasts have been really sore and feel really heavier and really bigger.
      The past two or three weeks ive been constipated (sorry too much info). And ive put on a few pounds.

      I told my boyfriend (well on and off boyfriend) today after easter brunch and asked him to go buy me a test and he said im not pregnant and im just dumb. I think he just doesn’t want another baby. Our 6 month old is a handful. I just dont know. I think im just going to buy a test tomorrow and see but i also don’t want to take it too soon and have it say negative were i might be because i want to know if i need to be safe with my body.

      Any advice would be great![/b]

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