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      Okay I think Im pregnant I have alot of so called classic symptoms and I just have this feeling…Its eerie… Anyhow My big Sister Katie bought me a pregnancy test a very very cheap one from the 99 cent store and I took it in the afternoon… The results said negative and I dont hink its right… It scares me that maybe my Hcg levels are too low to be healthy or maybe Im going crazy and Im not that pregnant I dont know.. But I wanted to know if a test could be wrong..?


        [size=4][color=#FF0000]Yes… a test can be wrong… If you are pregnant, then your test came out negative for 1 of 2 reasons…

        A) Your HCG levels are not yet high enough to read accurately


        B) The test was a bad one… you should always ALWAYS check the experation date on a pregnancy test *that can cause false positives/negatives* and they say that it does not matter what kind of test you buy, but it really does… My sister bought a pt from the dollar store when she was 7 months pregnant with my nephew, and it came out negative…

        And just a tip, try and buy the test the day before you take it, and take it when you use the bathroom first thing the next morning… The HCG levels are at their highest when you urinate when you first wake up…

        Good luck…[/color[/size]]


          Yes HPT can be wrong. Honestly, the more expensive, the better they truely are. I would recommend a digital readout HPT, and waiting until after a missed period. Also, it should be taken in the morning due to the fact that there will be more of the pregnancy hormone (HCG) in your urine.
          Hope that helps!


            the answer to this is yes!

            My sister was 5 months pregnant before she found out even with the doctors tests!

            her hcg levels were far too low.

            I dont know what to suggest to you unfortunately, obviously try one first thing in the morning.
            buy it the day before so you’re prepared.
            Make sure you are doing it when youre not hurried.

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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