c section or naturally w/ pain meds?

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      i was wondering if i should have a c section or a natural birth with pain meds(pain meds is without a doubt ha)

      im only 5’2 and 15 so what would u do?


        Your height and weight does not make a difference to tell you the truth. A c-section will hurt less at first but after it will be really painful. Labor will hurt but its more beneficial for you and your baby since its natural. My aunt just had a c-section and is in horrible pain right now. Im giving birth anytime now Im 3 days overdue. BTW did you know that during a c section you are awake?


          If it were up to me I would say natural with an epidural. With an epidural you don’t feel anything…just uncomfortable pressure. And it really it really is beneficial and more safe for both you and your baby. Plus, if you get a C section, you’d have a scar…not that that’s a bad thing, but just saying


            Labor hurts, horribly but if you think you can do it I say go for it. I was in labor for two days before I went to the hospital and spent 15 hours and 35 minutes in labor in the hospital. After the long labor and two hours of pushing they told me that my son was far to big for me to push him out. I was trying to go completely natural too, they made me get an epidural and have a c-section. My hips wasn’t wide enough, if you have small hips you would probably be better off having a c-section. The pain from a c-section after you go home is bad, but nothing compared to labor. They give you pain medicine to help the pain and it works. Good luck.


              Im not going to lie but labor is a B**CH!!!!!!!!! man oh man
              my first bby i had no pain meds only the inducing part…
              my second bby the same i got induced but i had to get the
              epideral and let me tell you i should of got that with my
              first bby.. because i would rather in enjoy it then be in pain…


                I had a emergency c section and the recovery wasn’t bad at all… but that was for me everyone is different. GOOD LUCK!


                  I think try natural, you are young, so it may be a bit quicker. My first born was 4hours. It is painful to no end but that afternoon I was ready to leave the hospital. If it does get really bad or you do get scared you can always opt in for drugs.


                    I have exactly the same problem, but i think having a c section would make me feel abit funny knowing they are cutting into my tummy & i cant feel it !

                    but i definetly think i will be having an epidural. I have very wide hips but i was 9.11 & my partener was 9 as well & he was a forceps birth!

                    i am very scared about labour but would recommend it vaginally rather than c section. i think youll feel like you can conquer the world when youve just used all your strength to push your little angel out.(:
                    just shows woman & mothers can do anything!

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