c-section or natural?

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      i really don’t know what to do.

      my doctor doesn’t think i will be able to deliver any other way but c-section.

      im 5’0 and before i got pregnant i weighed about 98 pounds.

      if you’ve done it either way can you share your stories?



        From what I have read, what a girl looks like on the outside makes little difference… what matters is what shape your pelvis is and what position the baby is in.
        Every once in a while you can find a midwife who is skilled in ‘pelvimentry’ or whatever it’s called, and who would be able to tell you if you are actually able to have a baby naturally. You might want to just schedule one appointment if you can find one just to see what she says.
        When are you due?


          well i was 5 foot 2 and 108 pounds before pregnancy so not much bigger than you and had 2 perfectly normal sized babies (7lb 6 oz and 7 lb 14 oz) without trouble so unless there is more to it than just your height and weight that makes him think you wont be able to deliver normally then i cant see why not…


            i’m due on June 2nd!

            I dont know sometimes i think it would be better and other times im so scared.


              I know I’m not preggo or anything but thats one thing I’m actually scared about!! My advice though would be to get all the tests you can because c-sections aren’t a walk in the park…Plus natural can be better for the baby but not if it’s really difficult so my advice would also be to get a second (or third) opinion and do all the research you can . Best of luck!! 🙂


                If you do need a c – section dont be scared, i had one and it was all fine. A wierd experiance actually, as if some one was doing the washing up in my tummy! lol its a long process to fully recover from one though, 3months before you are 100% back to normal and even after that you can still feel wierd but nothing is wrong.
                It is major surgery having one but worth it! and sometimes it cant be helped if its the best for you and your baby.

                let me kno if you want to know anything else _x


                  My aunt was 4’8 and only 90 lbs. She has had 4 kids naturally. It honestly doesn’t matter the size of a woman I have seen small women give birth naturally and I’ve seen large women have to have a c-section. Like another girl says it really just depends on your pelvis as well as the baby’s size. I was 5’2 and 115 lbs. I had my child naturally although she was only 5lbs 14oz. The best advice I could give is you can always try giving birth naturally and then if you can’t get a c-section. Hope that helps.


                    well only get a c-section if it is absolutely neccessary because i heard on a medical show… not to scare you.. but it said there has been a rise in death during labor due to c-sections being done more often when not neccesary. they said that doctors suggest c-sections too much when they arent neccessary so u should make sure it is.

                  Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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