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      i have baby daddy drama i thought baby mamas r a pain but he fathers can b asses at times n thas y ladies hve to go al out on them n cause so much drama but thas not y im posting this forum

      ma name is ashley im 15 n 18 wks pregnant wit ma baby gurl today ma baby daddy is 19 yrs old. he acts llik a lil *bitch* himself. i didnt tell him i was pregnant until i was 14 wks even tho i found out at 6 wks. ma baby daddy is a dead beat guy. im sry tha i was in a 3 yr relationship wit him but i dont regret ma lil Za’Niyah.
      i broke up wit him after 2 days of engagement bcuz he wanted MI to take care care of him while he sat on his ass all day. in the state of ny u cant get a part time job until 16 but im allowed to have summer jobs. the thing is he wants mi to work n give him money n other things *cough* first of all im not his call girl or his bank so i broke it off. but i told him that i wuld call him every wk to update him on the baby. i called him wen i was 16 wks i think for weekly update do u kno wat the boy askd mi "ashley u have any money for mi" r u serious wat nerves so i hung up the fone on him. now hes going around n bringin ma name wit him. iwent to talk to him the other day he had the balls to say "i dont think im the bastards father n its not lik i wanted kids anyway" that one sentence hurt mi so much i went home crying.

      now we’re going hru sum stuff to make him give up his rites but im thinking about it. do u think we shuld continue the process? i dont wanna deprive him of his baby’s first anything but i dont want ma baby to kno wat type of guy helped bring her into this world. WAT SHULD I DO?


        I’m having similar issues with my baby’s father. when i told him, I planned to get an abortion he was more than cool with that. But when i decided that I couldn’t possibly do that to my child, the arguments, and the fights just blew up and became our day to day conversation. To be quite honest i dont give a damn if he doesn’t want any type of relationship with me (he "tried" to accuse me of trying to trap him, but don’t worry he was SHUT DOWN) the fact is he’s going to have a relationship with my child because in the end thats what matters, and thats who really matters. So i really don’t think you should go through the process of having him out of her life, i understand that right now he may be a jerk, but he’s still young, he can still change. Unless you fear for her and your safety while around him, don’t do it.
        Lots of love,


          Girl, I say one Thing. FORGET HIM. Yes, he needs tp b up in his baby lif but that aint got nuthin 2 do wit u. jus b sure dat u dont need him!!!


            im currently with my babys father. wen i found out i was pregnant i told him right away he was like u kno wat to do right i was like i am not getting another abortion!(my first pregnancy ended at 7w2d from abortion) i was so traumaticed from getig an abortion i didnt even think about getting it done. for a time we were at ends with each other he even told me one day he would feel weird around me and the baby!! who says that!! anyways now he got over the fact i am not getting an ab and he is actualy now a lil excited about the baby but i work right now and so does he but his job doesnt pay enough and ive been putting away money for the baby and he promised to do so also but so far i havent seen any

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