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      h3y ppl muh name is Iesha and i am 15 but ne ways i really like this boy and he’s 14 yes 14..but his friend is constantly trying to date me the 14 yr old is really sexy n has a nice body but he’s so immature at time then his best friend is really cool liek too cool as a brother plus he gets mad easily and im bi-polar soo i dont think that would be a good combination but he is really nice when he’s not mad but i just can’t choose..i want to choose neither but the 14 yr old has so much sex appeal but i cant hurt his friend…but he know i like the 14 yr old ..what should i do???????:dry:


        Honestly? Keep away.

        This is a potentially a very bad situation if you get embroiled in this. You are so young. There will be other guys that will be worth your time.

        Sex appeal is great for the loins but eventually it’s not good for anything else. Be friends but don’t go beyond that. You say he gets mad? Do you really wanna be caught in the middle of that or be the subject of that anger?



          i agree with ericklirios….just choose neither….ur 15 so choose someone who is ur age….i’m bipolar also and my husband sometimes can get angry quick, and both of those ontop of being 23 wks preg gets me upset really fast……………………….just keep away from guys who are immature like that…….


            wow…never though of it that way i guess i was caught up in how nice he is thnks

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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