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      Can prenantal vitamins make your pee bright yellow? I’m talking neon yellow!!!!


        i know that the bright yellow pee you are talking about can mean dehydration. you can be dehydrated and not even know it. i get that all the time. i went to the doctor one time just for a regular check up, then after i gave the pee test, she did this thing to test if i was dehydrated (like laying down and heart rate and stuff like that ) and said i was dehydrated and i needed to drink more water. well, hope that gives you an idea!



          I don’t know about prenantal vitamins changing the color of your pee, but if you aren’t getting enough fluids that could be the cause. Hope that helps.



            i think so, because in health the other day my teacher was talking about how when you take vitamn c. it makes your pee turn really yellow. so maybe its the same with that.


              Your not dehydrated, if your talking neon yellow, it’s definitely the vitamins. Prescriptions usually tell you on the bottle whether it’ll will turn your excrements colors but if not, the vitamins did the same thing for me. Now if you have dark yellow pee…thats being dehydrated. Your fine, take your vitamins and grow that baby!! 😉


                Prenatal vitamins can ABSOLUTLEY make you have bright yellow urine. If you are worried though about it being something else, don’t hesitate to call your doctor and ask! As corny as it is to say-its better to be safe than sorry…


                  Your urine does turn bright yellow. Mine does everytime I take a multivitamin. Usually this is because we are still getting vitamins from the food we eat, and a multi vitamin is supposed to fill in gaps and holes for the day. When your body has too much of one vitamin, or several actually, it just flushes it right out as waste. Voila! Bright yellow pee. You are perfectly safe and healthy!

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