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      Yeah,so apparently my baby is lying breech.
      I’m only in my 7th months and the midwife says it shouldnt be a problem but I’m like
      "what if the baby doesn’t turn?Caesarean eek eek eek"
      Did this happen to anyone else?


        Sometimes they can turn the baby gently before delivery. It’s a matter of manipulation from the outside. At this point, you shouldn’t worry about it. There’s plenty of time left.


          I have an abnormally shaped uterus and I carried both of my babies sideways….I had to go twice with my first to have her flipped and once with my son….they just give you a medicine to relax your uterus so you dont go into labor and them they cover your tummy with mineral oil and push the baby around until the head is down….because of my abnormal uterus that wanst enough…they both flipped back…so I just had to be induced while the head was down so the contractions would keep it that way….I had both of my babies vaginally and they were just fine….my daughter had her cord around her neck but the doctor fixed it before I could even think to freak out…I am sure you will be fine and so will the baby….doctors can work very well in many circumstances these days….let us all know how you continue to progress…Meg


            Well,phew,that’s a bit more reassuring than the stories I’ve heard so far.I really,really hope I don’t have to get a caesarean,I have a pretty unreasonable horror of it =[


              don’t worry u have time for that baby to flip….and i’m gonna tell u that i’ve heard of other girls having to hav the baby flipped and it hurt because they have to push pretty hard on ur belly to get the baby to flip and it could also cause u to go into labor…BUT like we’ve said don’t worry u have time!

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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