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      so here’sthe problem…i’ve had a nurse at the hospital make my baby scared to breastfeed at first but now i’ve been formual feeding and breastfeeding my 4wk old but my nipples are sore and seem to be like cracking…..does en one have ne advice or ne thing?


        LANSINOH….your new best friend…I remember the pain of breast feeding….I did it as long as I could with both kids and they have never had ear infections so it is so worth it….I don’t know if you have any Lansinoh…it comes in a purple tube and it works wonders…I havent breast fed in almost 3 years and I still keep it around for chapstick…LOL…it will heal you up quickly… I am not a doctor so this is not medical advice but my encouragement is to just make sure you keep your nipples clean and make sure they are dry after each feeding…put enough lansinoh on each nipple to help the healing process between feedings…are you feeding one breast per feeding or 20 mins each side??? I always fed back and forth…I have heard that the best milk is at the end of the feeding and if you switch sides half way through then the baby doesn’t get the fatty milk from the end of the feeding…I kept a safety pin on my bra strap to remember what side I needed to feed from next…also…if you get a breast pump then you can still feed your little guy the nummy breast milk and give your nipples a break…at least a few times a day go sit in your room or the bathroom with no shirt or bra on and "air out"….just keep a towel under you to catch any milk that escapes but let your nipples breathe….to moist keeps them from healing….to dry makes them crack worse…just find the right balance that works for you….I usually let me nipples air out right after the feeding because I wouldn’t shoot milk all over LOL….I would give it some time and then apply the lansinoh….so what did the nurse do to make your baby not want to breast feed??? Mean ol nurse…also when you go to detach baby from breast do you stick your finger in his mouth to break suction??? that will help with the nipple pain as well…good job mommy for breastfeeding…do it as long as you can but know that you already gave him the most important stuff so don’t stress to much…your a good mommy…Love Meg


          Another thing is make sure the position is right…u might want to consult a lactation consultant in your area…u can go to and type in Lactation Consultant and your city and state.. i also had a problem w yeast/thrush…once i got it it was hard to get rid of it..good luck


            The best thing that i can think of to tell you is go to like one of those all organic stores and gettin something called Natural Nipple Butter its made by earth mama angel baby it works sooo good you dont have to wipe it off to breast feed the baby ither it was my aunts best friend and now its mine(even tho i havent had the baby yet i have really sore nipples also…clears them right up)…you might not like the smell of it because it is organic but it might work

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